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Do It Yourself Divorce


It is estimated that 75% of couples seeking divorce in San Diego try some form of DIY divorce.  Because the process is riddled with court requirements and there are important legal and tax considerations, it is wise to consult with an attorney along the way no matter how "simple" your divorce may seem. Kerr Law can help you get your DIY divorce done quickly and accurately with these affordable packages:


  • DIY Right Start. If you and your spouse have generally agreed on all the issues and want to save money by doing your divorce yourself, we can get you started in the right direction.  Begin your divorce with an , hour meeting with a certified paralegal to learn about the process, receive a DIY packet of documents (including all the required court forms for both parties and a detailed checklist for completing your divorce), and help filing your petition for divorce. $150


  • Document Preparation.  Several documents are required to be properly completed, filed and/or served before the Court will approve your divorce.  Knowing which documents are needed for your specific case and how to fill them out can be overwhelming for many DIY'ers and can create disputes and frustrating delays in the process.  We prepare the documents for you so you can be assured all the necessary forms are accurately completed, attorney reviewed and properly submitted.  

    • Summary Judgement Packet  $350

    • Request for Order Packet  



  • Mediation.  If you disagree about an aspect of your divorce along the way, such as who gets what, amount of support, or child sharing schedules, we can help you work it out through a neutral, third party mediator who will hear both sides and help reach a resolution based on the facts and the law.  $400/2 hr. session


  • Direction.  We are here to answer your questions, review documents, and provide assistance along the way on an as-needed, limited scope basis. $225/hr.




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