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Business Services

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

                                                                     - Benjamin Franklin

Our small business clients spoke and we listened.  They have important legal needs to address but don't want to deal with the complexities, stress, and expense generally associated with legal matters.  Kerr Law is uniquely designed to make legal services simple and affordable for entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help them achieve success and avoid litigation by setting up the proper entity, establishing correct systems and policies for operation, preparing appropriate contracts, and resolving disputes quickly.  Our clients rely on us to handle their legal needs so they can focus on building - and enjoying - their business.  



  • entity formation, compliance, amendments + dissolution

  • partnership agreements

  • operating agreements

  • business sale, stock sales + buy-sell agreements

  • corporate contracts

  • releases + waivers

  • non-disclosure agreements

  • commercial leases + unlawful detainers

  • dispute resolution

  • succession planning/exit strategy



  • employment agreements

  • employee sexual harassment training

  • preparation of internal employment policies + procedures

  • labor code compliance

  • independent contractor agreements

  • termination consulting

  • dispute resolution

Estate Planning


  • living trust

  • trust funding

  • last will and testament

  • community or separate property agreements

  • durable power of attorney for finances

  • advance health care directive

  • declaration pursuant to natural death act 

  • planning consultation

  • trust review and revisions

  • trust administration

Intellectual Property


  • trademark + brand registration

  • copyright + content registration

  • DCMA notices

  • licensing agreements

  • enforcement of intellectual property registrations


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Selecting the Right

Business Entity

Tips to Maintain Your

Limited Liability Protection



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