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Alisa N. Kerr

Alisa wanted to be an attorney since childhood playing "lawyer" at her dad's law firm in Washington State.  She attended Willamette University College of Law in Oregon with the honor of serving as associate editor on Law Review and planned to return to Washington to practice with her father.  Plans changed during her third year of law school when Alisa visited San Diego and fell in love with the area.


Immediately after graduating from law school in 2002, she moved to San Diego, passed the California bar exam, and got a job at a downtown law firm. There she had the opportunity to be mentored by highly talented, respected, and ethical senior attorneys. She quickly earned the privilege of working alongside them to defend San Diego's top tourist attractions and businesses in all aspects of civil litigation, including trial.  


Late in 2012, Alisa was socializing with several former clients and business owners who started asking various important legal questions. After answering them she told one of the entrepreneurs, "You should really talk to your corporate attorney about that before it becomes a big mess and I'm defending you in litigation over it."  Sudden silence and blank stares revealed none of them had corporate counsel.  When asked why, they explained they were afraid to call lawyers because every issue seemed to become overly complicated and incredibly expensive.


Together, with the common belief that "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," Alisa and her clients collaborated to design a law firm to provide excellent, straight-forward, and affordable legal services aimed to help businesses obtain success and avoid litigation. 


Kerr Law launched in early 2013 and takes pride in serving clients with the excellence and skill of an experienced litigator, the affordability and efficiency of "in-house" counsel, and the personal interest and integrity of a friend.  Alisa assists her clients in avoiding litigation through proper business formation, the use of appropriate business contracts, securing intellectual property protections, and protecting business interests and assets through accurate estate planning.  Her ability to peacefully, creatively, and favorably resolve issues has led her business clients to seek her assistance with personal legal matters as well including estate planning, prenuptial agreements, conservatorships, and divorce.


Alisa lives and works on Coronado Island, where she is a member of various local organizations. In addition to her passion for practicing law, Alisa loves to travel and has been a contributing writer to area travel magazines. She has had the opportunity to dive the Blue Hole in Belize, hot air balloon over the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, ski the Matterhorn in Switzerland, surf in Costa Rica, swim with whale sharks in Mexico, watch a performance in the Sydney Opera House, and more.   



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