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How to Make Your Golf Cart
Street Legal in Coronado

1.  Use a Bill of Sale when purchasing your cart from a private seller.

2.  Your golf cart must have the following equipment to be street legal.  Order and install any missing items.  

I was able to order all of the parts I needed from Amazon.  

  • At least one headlamp, tail lamp, and stop lamp.

  • A rear reflector.

  • Front/rear turn signals.

  • Front/side reflectors.

  • A mirror (located in a position to allow the driver a rear view of at least 200 feet).

  • A horn.

  • Fenders.

  • A safety-glazed windshield.

  • Windshield wipers.

3.  Have your cart verified as street legal and registered. You can do this by taking your cart to the DMV, or using a mobile service to come to your house and handle all the paperwork.  I used  San Diego VIN Verification.

4.  Obtain insurance.

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